A little about WebSiteManagers Inc.

Founded in 2002 WebSiteManagers is a global provider of web hosting, dedicated and vps servers. Our web hosting packages are for personal web sites, small business and corporate clients who need enterprise quality web hosting with world class support.

We are headquartered Anchorage Alaska with our servers located in Tier 1 datacenters in Phoenix AZ and New York City NY.

We do not do the Umlimited disk space or bandwidth game. There is no such thing as unlimited hard drives and bandwidth. Unlike many hosts we have limits and allow you to use those limits for your hosting, we do not hide the limits in the AUP or TOS like many hosts do. Unlimited in our accounts means you can create all you need up to your account limits. This allows us to maintain stable and fast servers.

Our prices are designed for us to be able to provide top notch support and great up time by not being forced to put hundreds or even thousands of accounts on 1 server just to justify the server and support cost. This allows us to put fewer accounts per server thereby helping page load times and making the servers more stable and faster.

All of our hosting servers are multi core Intel CPU's with SSD hard drives setup in raid 10 with massive amounts of RAM.

  • Support Desk monitored 24/7.
  • All Servers monitored 24/7